About Me In 30 Sec

Seeking to be inspired, to envision the unlikely, to work hard for things that are worth it, and to be surrounded by those who are positively challenging me.

Fueled by strategy, product innovation, growth mindset, data and analytics, government partnerships and alliances, digital and social media marketing, on-ground consumer experience and engagement, branding, armchair philosophy, stories, people watching, traveling, culture, music, documentaries, writing, deep and out of nowhere conversations, street and fabulous food.

I have worked for MNC and regional FMCG and F&B brands. Then I took the next level, to build purposeful community programs for the government and a collaborative space for disruptive marketing peeps.

Studied Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication (De La Salle University, Philippines), Korn Ferry Management Program, The Power MBA Digital Marketing, Scalbl Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program plus SCAFA Dubai culinary classes and food photography workshops.

Currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a member of Dubai Business Women Council. I can’t wait to see where my next adventure is.

"I strongly believe that purpose-driven, relevant and consistent engagement is the direct route to purchase, loyalty, ambassadorship and virality. A fully-engaged consumer represents 23% more revenue than the average."

As a Leader
(Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment Result)

"Driven, focused and disciplined, enjoys being in control and delivering results, with the potential to take on more responsibility. Solid marketing background has refined ability to come up with a sustainable strategy. Have a high attention to detail and can quickly spot patterns with qualitative and quantitative data. Able to make solid connections with people, and build trust. Great passion being in the company of people, can be expected to be enthusiastic, optimistic and energizing."

Hire Me

I am well experienced to put together a company, brand and category plan, using data and analytics (internal sales data and external market research); aligned KPIs and automated MROI (marketing return on investment) calculation.

My goal is not just to look after the long-term brand values to drive future profits, but also to fill the short-term sales/quick incremental profits to support company cash-flow and assets build-up.

Count on me to reinforce marketing efficiency and results; justifying every dollar spend.

Al Islami Kitchen in Dubai Food Festival

Integrated Al Islami Kitchen as a strong pillar of Dubai Food Festival, in collaboration with HORECA, influencers, local and international celebrity chefs.

Al Islami Kids Club

This platform successfully reached and inspired over 50K kids that healthy is fun.

Al Islami Premium Beef Burger Development and Launch

Responsible for the new product development of Al Islami Premium Burger, implemented a GCC launch campaign.

Al Islami Influencer Marketing

Built a community of brand ambassadors - foodies, cooking and health enthusiasts influencers, that intensified consumer engagement.

Uber Eats Celebrate Food Together

Implemented integrated and interactive engagement platforms that expanded restaurant partners, encouraged new market entrants and switchers.

Lacnor Ramadan Campaign with UAE Food Bank

Made and distributed 93K Iftar boxes in labour camps, gathered AED100K worth of long-shelf life food donation conducted in key accounts.

Health Is My Wealth Program

Built and implemented this program in partnership with the Dubai Municipality, to relentlessly pursue a healthier and happier community.

Healthy School Squad

Built and implemented this program, encouraged community stakeholders on-board: brands, government, schools, parents to inspire kids to make better food choices and to live healthy.